East Colfax – Denver Happy Hours

East Colfax Avenue

These bars are by East Colfax in Denver, CO.

Alpine Dog Brewery Denver
Alpine Dog Brewery

505 Ogden St

Annie's Cafe Denver
Annie’s Cafe

3100 E Colfax Ave

Atomic Cowboy Denver
Atomic Cowboy

3237 E Colfax Ave

Bastien's Restaurant Denver

3503 E Colfax Ave

Blush and Blu Denver
Blush & Blu

1526 E Colfax Ave

Brik On York Denver
Brik On York

2223 E Colfax Ave

City Grille Denver
City Grille

321 E Colfax Ave

Good Son Denver
Good Son

2550 East Colfax Ave

Goosetown Tavern Denver
Goosetown Tavern

3242 E Colfax Ave

Hooked On Colfax Denver
Hooked On Colfax

3213 E Colfax Ave

Irish Snug Denver
Irish Snug

1201 E Colfax Ave

Kinga's Lounge Denver
Kinga’s Lounge

1509 Marion St

Las Margs Tavern Denver
Las Margs

1521 Marion St

Lions Lair Denver
Lions Lair

2022 E Colfax Ave

Lost Highway Brewing
Lost Highway Brewing

520 E Colfax Ave

Lost Lake Lounge Denver
Lost Lake Lounge

3602 E Colfax Ave

Mezcal Denver

3230 E Colfax Ave

Nob Hill Inn Denver
Nob Hill Inn

420 E Colfax Ave

Okinawa Denver

2301 E Colfax Ave

Prohibition Denver

504 E Colfax Ave

PS Lounge Denver
PS Lounge

3416 E Colfax Ave

Sancho's Broken Arrow Denver
Sancho’s Broken Arrow

741 E Colfax Ave

Satellite Bar Denver
Satellite Bar

308 E Colfax Ave

Satire Lounge Denver
Satire Lounge

1920 E Colfax Ave

Sliceworks Denver

700 E Colfax Ave

Squire Lounge Denver
Squire Lounge

1800 E Colfax Ave

Streets Of London Pub Denver
Streets Of London Pub

1501 E Colfax Ave

Tacos Tequila Whiskey Denver
Tacos Tequila Whiskey

1514 York St

2Up Denver
The 1up

717 E Colfax Ave

Thirty Fourteen Bar Denver
Thirty Fourteen Bar

3014 E Colfax Ave

Three Lions Pub Denver
Three Lions

2239 E Colfax Ave

To The Wind Denver
To The Wind

3333 E Colfax Ave

Tooey's Off Colfax Denver
Tooey’s Off Colfax

1521 Marion St

Trattoria Stella Denver
Trattoria Stella

3201 E Colfax Ave

Wood River Restaurant Denver
Wood River Restaurant

1150 E Colfax Ave

About East Colfax, Denver, Colorado

Colfax Avenue is the longest commercial street in the U.S., at 26 miles.

Rich in history and character, East Colfax has a wide mix of of bars and restaurants. Most are of the dive-type with cheap drinks and close access to one another. Colfax Avenue stands in place of 15th Avenue. The bars in Uptown are also close enough to walk to (2 blocks over) while crawling around the ‘fax.

Uptown is to the north and to the south is Capitol Hill.

East Colfax runs into both Broadway and the Central Business District, before turning into West Colfax, which is mostly in Lakewood.

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