Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa Denver

2401 15th St #80, Denver, CO 80202

Sushi Sasa is one of Denver’s premiere sushi bars. The atmosphere is cozy and casual, with a nice patio out front.

Sushi Sasa: (

Daily 5pm-7pm (lounge only)

$9 TY KU Flight
$10 Mix N Match Flight
$6/glass, $18/bottle TY KU Coconut
$8/glass, $24/bottle TY KU Black Junmai Ginjo
$8/glass, $44/bottle ‘Drunken Heart’ Junmai Ginjo
$9/glass, $48/bottle ‘Gorgeous Plum’ Junmai Ginjo
$13/glass, $80/bottle ‘Demon Slayer’ Junmai Dai Ginjo
$12/bottle ‘White Deer’ Junmai Ginjo
$10/bottle ‘First Grand Child’ Junmai
$6/glass Ozeki ‘One Cup’ Junmai
$6/glass, $15/carafe Weekly House Infusion
$6/carafe Hot Sake

$4 Seasonal Beer
$4 Titan IPA
$6 Sapporo
$3 Coors
$4 90 Schilling
$6 Kirin
$3 Budweiser
$4 Asahi Draft
$2.5 O’Doul’s Amber
$9 Beer and a Cup – Ozeki One Cup Shooter & an Asahi Draft

White Wine:
$6/glass, $64/bottle Mirth Unoaked Chardonnay, California
$7/glass, $28/bottle Ken Forrester, Chenin Blanc, South Africa
$6/glass, $24/bottle Charles Smith, Kung Fu Girl Riesling, Washington
$7/glass, $28/bottle M. Chapoutier Rose, Cotes-Du-Rhone
$26/botte Gundlach Bundschu Gewurtztraminer, California
$5/can Infinite Monkey Back Alley Moscato
$5/can Infinite Monkey Back Alley Rose

Red Wine:
$6/glass, $24/bottle Grayson Red Zinfandel, California
$7/glass, $28 bottle Catena, Malbec, Argintina
$7/glass, $28/bottle Ca del Monte Valpolicella, Italy
$26/bottle Heba Fattoria Maggliano Sangiovese/Syrah,Italy

$8 Citizen of Tokyo – Yamazaki, St. Germaine, Pama Pomegranate Liqour, & muddled orange wedges
$8 Raspberry Shochu Splash – Shochu, fresh squeezed lemon, Absolut Raspberry, lemonade, splash of cranberry juice, garnished with a lemon slice
$8 Tequila Twist – Sauza Silver, Campari, house-made honey simple syrup, & lemon juice
$9 Espresso Martini – Chilled Bailey’s, TY KU coconut, espresso & chocolate
$10 Sasa Bloody – Finlandia, tomato juice, cucumber bitters, worchester, olive juice, wasabi & macho sauce garnished with celery, olive, shishito pepper and a togarashi rim
$8 Dark & Stormy – Gosling’s Ginger Beer & Gosling’s Dark Rum
$10 Bartenders Special – different every week

$5 Not so Mojito – Shiso leaves, Cucumber, Lime Wedges, w/ Lemonade & Sprite
$5 Fruit Heaven – Strawberry, Orange, & Green Apple muddled with Cranberry & Lemonade
$7 Create Your Own – Strawberry, Cherry, Cucumber, Shiso, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Olives, Olive Juice, jalapeno,, Rose petals, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Green Apple, Vanilla Bean, Sprite, Soda, Red Bull, Sugar Free Red Bull, Cranberry, Coke, Diet Coke, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Ginger, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Green Tea, Hot Tea

Hot & Cold:
$5 Grilled Artichoke
$12 Sasa Trio – spicy tuna, salmon tartar, yellowtail poke
$10 New Style Sashimi
$4 Edamame
$7 Grilled Epice Spice Jumbo Shrimp
$7 Sauteed Calimari
$6 Kushiyaki Beef
$6 Kushiyaki Skewers
$7 Atomic Shrimp Dynamite

Tempura: (2 pc per order)
$2 Sweet Potato Tempura
$2 Asparagus Tempura
$2 Brocoli Tempura
$2 Zucchini Tempura
$2 Tofu Tempura
$2 Onion Tempura
$2 Carrot
$2 Avocado
$2.5 Shittake Mushroom Tempura
$2.5 Enoki Mushroom Tempura
$2.5 Portobello Mushroom Tempura
$3.5 Shrimp Tempura
$3.5 Calamari Tempura
$3.5 Chicken Tempura

Sushi Rolls & Handrolls:
$5 California Roll
$5 Philly Roll
$5 BLT Roll
$10 Diablo Roll
$6 Chicken Tempura Roll
$6 Spider Roll
$6 Shrimp Tempura Roll
$7 Firefry Roll
$5 Veggie Tempura Roll
$10 Dragon Roll
$3.5 Veggie Handroll
$3.5 Negi Hama Handroll
$3.5 Spicy Tuna Handroll
$3.5 Salmon Tartare Handroll

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