Vesper Lounge

Vesper Lounge Denver

233 East 7th Avenue, Denver, CO

The Vesper Lounge is a Governor’s Park dive known for its signature drink, the Vesper Cocktail, made famous by James Bond. The kitchen offers a Mediterranean themed menu.

They have two happy hours, one when they first open and another late night. Most specials are for a cocktail, or a beer & a shot.

Vesper Lounge Happy Hours:

Daily 4pm-6pm & Sunday-Thursday 11pm-Close & Monday All Day

Drinks –
$12 Blue Horse of Death – Any draft & Stranahan’s
$5 Whisky Hound – Coors & Shot Wild Turkey Rye
$5 Blood Hound – Utica CLub & Shot Jim Beam
$7 Crossroads – Buy one get one Dirty Martini
$7 Glitter – Lemondrop & Kamikaze Shot
$6 Chupicabra – Coron & Shot Espolon
$6 Gigli – Margarita Up & Shot Sunrise
$7 Capitol Hillbilly Any Draft & Well Shot
$7 Burlesque – Glass of Cava & Shot Cherry Candy

Daily 4pm-6pm & Monday All Day

Food –
$2 Moroccan Bar Nuts
$3 Dips – Hummus, Pesto, Olive, Tzatziki, Baba Ganoush
$4 Kabab – Chicken or Veggie
$2 Vesper Fries – Harissa Aioli
$2.5 Sliders – Falafel, Gyro, Burger, Sloppy Joe


Saturday-Sunday – Brunch 11am-3pm

Last updated: October 27, 2014

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Last updated: October 27, 2014

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