Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Moe's Original BBQ Englewood

3295 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

Moe’s is a fun place to go for barbecue near Denver. They feature a full menu of smoked meats and homemade sides, along with an 8 lane bowling alley and a live stage for bands. It’s located next door to the Gothic Theater.

The restaurant got it’s start in the Vail Valley in 2001 and now has several locations around the country. There is another further north on Broadway in Denver, one in Aurora, and one in Lakewood.

Moe’s Happy Hours: (

Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm

$2 Select Beers
$2 Wells
$5 Baskets of Wings


Sunday –
$3.5 Bloodies
$3 Coors Light drafts
$2 PBR cans
$4 White Russians

Monday –
$3 Coors Light
$3.5 Wells

Tuesday –
$3 Coors Light drafts
$3 Agave drafts
$4 Guiness
$3 Sweet Tea Vodka

Wednesday –
$3 Coors Light drafts
$3.5 Jim Beam
$4 Jack Daniels
$4 Jameson

Thursday –
$2 PBR
$3 Kamikaze shots
$3.5 Jameson
$3.5 Captain Morgan
Food Specials: Thanksgiving Thursday Sandwiches – Turkey, Cornbread Stuffin’, Cranberry Sauce, White Sauce

Friday –
$3.5 Agave drafts
$4 Red Stripe tall boys
$4 Vodka Lions
$4 Jager
$5 Jager Bombs
Food Specials: Collard Greens!!!

Saturday –
$2.5 PBR
$4 Stoli & Stoli flavors
$3.5 PBR cans


Tuesday – Trivia 8pm-10pm

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Moe's Original BBQ South Broadway Bowling

Bowling alley.

Moe's Original BBQ South Broadway Upstairs

Upstairs has games and pool.

Moe's Original BBQ South Broadway Billiards

Another pool table.

Moe's Original BBQ South Broadway Bar

Main bar with stage in back.

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Last updated: April 4, 2015

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