Copper Pot

Copper Pot Englewood

2796 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

The Copper Pot is a neighborhood restaurant with two locations in Englewood. They have great food specials and happy hour throughout the work week.

Copper Pot Happy Hours: (…)

Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm

$1 Off All Drinks

$2 Chips & Salsa – complimentary with drink purchase
$3.95 Cheese Fries – add homemade green chili for an additional $.95
$4.95 Boneless Buffalo Wings – 8 (sauces: traditional buffalo, spicy teriyaki, honey teriyaki, Pham, or BBQ)
$5.95 Buffalo Wings & Drums – 8
$3.95 Mushrooms Romano – served with crostini
$4.95 Spinach Artichoke Dip – served with crostini
$4.95 Sausage, Peppers, and Onions – served with crostini
$5.50 Shrimp & White Beans – served with crostini
$5.50 Mini Cheeseburger – served with Fries
$4.95 Mini Pulled Pork Sandwich – served with Fries
$4.95 Mini Fish Sandwich – served with Fries
$5.95 Mini Copper Slopper – smothered on skinny Fries

Last updated: April 4, 2015

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Last updated: April 4, 2015

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